Homeschooling means a lot of things.

It may be a temporary transition before changing schools, or an intensive six month course to level up skills and ability. Sometimes even a spontaneous decision to enable travel and growth or to specialise in another subject outside of school studies.

TAG can teach to specific national curriculums or offer a broader and more extensive curriculum engineered to specific goals, talents and achievables. In either scenario, we specialise and curate each individual syllabus to the child – your children are unique and so are their needs.

Our Classroom

We offer Homeschooling for all Key Stages as either full-time or part- time programmes, including Sixth Form and University Studies.

We take the commitment to homeschooling very seriously, and enjoy adding extra-curricular and creative elements to the programmes. We plan all schedules in advance in accordance with the student’s syllabus and all progress is tracked via a shared classwork, homework and revision portal online. Reports are issued for parents and students termly and communication is welcomed at all times!

  • Homeschooling Tuition is available only as 1-1.
  • Prices vary and are entirely dependent on the homeschooling schedules set up between teacher(s) and parents. Please get in contact for a quotation.
  • Due to the specificity of the contracts, all potential homeschoolers are invited in for a face to face consultation.

A regular week may involve a staged debate to encourage confidence and critical thinking, a trip to the theatre to see Macbeth performed, science experiments, French conversation and much more. We excel in seeing our students thrive.

We teach all levels and syllabuses, please get in contact to discuss further: