After School Clubs

Our TAG Team spent an inordinate amount of time discussing all the most interesting and inspirational things that we would have wished for at school, and this is what we came up with…

Mondays: Book Club

Welcome to Book Club, a carefully curated and handpicked selection of amazing novels for inspiring and intellectual discussion! We have taken care to choose a wide range of texts outside of normal reading lists and set texts; the books range from all different time periods as well as from all over the world, from Japan to Australia and the High Seas in the 17th Century to Suffolk in the 1930s. We want our students to be worldly readers rather than stuck in Victorian England through the set texts at school!
Each text is accessible and easily comprehensible, there’s no knotty language or highly difficult vocabulary, we want the kids to finish reading and be inspired enough to dive straight into another book.

3.45pm-5.15pm: Book Club: Ages 6-12

Book the Book Club!

Tuesdays: Debate Club and Young Academics

Tuesdays are dedicated to the curious and the ambitious; those wishing to move beyond the confines of school and explore the endless possibilities of the intellect! In Debate Club, students will learn all about the power of language and how to use rhetorical devices to create balanced arguments on timeless and contemporary conundrums!

Our Young Academics club is aimed at those who want to think critically above and beyond the syllabus. Think a mix of philosophy, ethics, politics and power; a course for developing necessary skills for university by discussing an array of questions: Should Childhood Exist? What is the Veil of Ignorance? Should we have a global government?

3.45pm – 5.15pm: Debate Club: Ages 10 – 16
5.30pm – 6.30pm: Young Academics, Ages 14+

Book Debate Club!
Book Young Academics!

Thursdays: 11+ Club and GCSE Maths Club

Both the 11+ and Maths GCSE can be daunting prospects but these Clubs have been expertly engineered to cover everything needed as well as adding verve and energy.

3.45pm – 5.15pm: 11+ Club: English, Maths, NVR & VR
5.30pm – 6.30pm: GCSE Maths Club

Book 11+ Club!
Book Maths Club!

Fridays: Drama & English and Critical Thinking

Head into the weekend with energy and perspective! In Drama Club, students will not only learn all about performance and power from a real actress, they will learn how to analyse and deconstruct the language in everything from Shakespeare to Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

In Critical Thinking, students will learn all about the intersections between Art and Philosophy through texts and sources from all over the world as well as over all time periods.

3.45pm – 5.15pm: Drama Club: Ages 6 – 12
5.30pm – 6.30pm: Critical Thinking: Ages 13+

Book Drama Club!
Book Critcal Thinking!

Saturdays: Primary School English and Maths Blast!

Saturdays are dedicated to the little ones, to make sure that each and every student is getting the specialist, 1-1 attention they deserve! We make sure that their confidence and competency is expert whilst teaching them creative ways to learn to love reading, writing and maths. Our TAG tutor Natalia will lead these lessons and she has been teaching Primary School Education for over 20 years, Natalia is also the Course Lead for Phonics: she teaches teachers phonics!

10.30am – 12.00pm: Phonics, Reading and Writing: Ages 3-7
12.30pm – 2pm: Primary Foundations: English and Maths: Ages 8-11

Book Phonics, Reading and Writing!
Book Primary Foundations: English and Maths!